1. Top grade disinfectant and more frequent cleaning. Staff to use top grade disinfectant to thoroughly clean before, during, and after every class, as well as, frequently throughout the day. This includes all high traffic areas, non-high traffic areas and even our antibacterial floor.


2. All TRX straps and equipment will be disinfected by staff after each class, even if not used. This includes every part of the TRX straps, all dumbbells (rubber and handles), minibands, mats, and the surrounding area.


3. All staff will be required to wear gloves when cleaning. All staff conducting check-in will be required to wear a mask as well.  Face masks will be encouraged and provided for staff while cleaning. 




1. All guests and staff will be pre-screened for health assessment and temperature checks. For the safety of our community, those with an above normal temperature (< 37.8 or 100.4) will kindly be asked to return another time.


2. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the door upon entering and exiting the studio. Don’t be shy with it! Pump away! Non-medical masks and gloves will also be available for those guests who request it.


3. Guided floor plan. Please follow the guided markers to ensure 6 ft of physical distancing while locating your workout station for the class. Adhere to the reminder signs about keeping 6 ft of physical distance at all times. 


4. No lockers. No showers. No studio towels. Please bring only the essential items you need for class and consider a small plastic baggy or waist bag to hold your keys and cellphone, which will stay with you at your station for the duration of the class. 


5. Bring your inside shoes. Outside shoes will not be permitted past the front door area for sanitary reasons. Bring a pair of indoor shoes with you for your class.


6. Limited use of washrooms. Please change at home and only use washroom if absolutely required. 


7. Modified schedule. Additional time has been added between classes to ensure no overlap between guests and to allow for ample time for thorough cleaning. 


8. Book online. No walk-ins will be allowed at this time.


9. Arrive on time, but not too early. Guests will not be permitted into the studio more than 10 minutes before the start of class. During check-in guests will have to wait outside while maintaining social distance.






1. Varying capacities. To allow for 6 ft of physical distancing between workout stations, our class maximums have changed. For mat-based classes, 12 is the maximum. For classes using the TRX, 8 is the maximum. Total studio capacity including staff and guests will be no more than 15 at any given time.


2. Our equipment will be cleaned before and after each class even when not in use. No outside equipment/tools will be permitted.


3. Lots of words of love. Our instructors will not be shy with their verbal encouragements and shout outs, but there will be no hands-on adjustments of form.


4. Nama-stay. Instructor’s will stay in their designated area while teaching and demoing and will not be entering your personal space, so nama-stay and embrace your little bubble. 




1. Online classes are here to stay. Not feeling in-studio yet? Whether it’s live-streamed from an in-studio class or from the comfort of one of our instructor’s homes, we got you covered. LIVE online classes will still be offered daily. 


2. Work in progress. The situation is ever-evolving. You have our commitment that SWEAT management will be constantly monitoring the situation and updating our procedures and protocols as necessary. We will be actively following the recommendations from public health agencies as well as feedback from our valued guests. 


3. Have an alone moment without the kids. While we love kids, we will not be offering childminding at this time until we feel that it is safe to do so and social distancing measures can effectively be put in place. We want to make sure we get the safety for adults down pat first. 




1. If you feel sick or have any symptoms (runny nose, coughing, sneezing, fever or general feelings of being unwell) – please stay home. 


2. Toe taps and air hugs welcome! Limit any physical contact with others while in the studio.


3. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or come into contact with someone who has, please refrain from coming to the studio for 14 days.


4. If you have travelled, please follow government guidelines and do not return to the studio until it is safe to do so.


5. If you are in a high-risk category or take care of someone who is, we understand that returning to the studio at this time might not be for you. By choosing to attend an in-studio class, even with increased safety measure, you acknowledge and accept the additional risks associated with the global health pandemic COVID-19.

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