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Workout from home with our Virtual Classes! We are now offering virtual online classes through LIVE-STREAMING our in-studio classes! With our updated AV equipment, our music and the instructor’s voice will come out of your home device so that it will be crystal clear as if you were actually in studio! So you’ll get the full effects of our same SWEATY burn right in your own home!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up on MINDBODY or through our website as you would for in-studio classes. You will find the class labeled as “Virtual”. See our schedule here.

  2. Choose your payment: $10 drop-in, $27 for 3 class pack, $45 for 5 class pack or any other active membership or class pack on your account.

  3. Once you’ve signed up, you will receive an email with the ZOOM link and any equipment needed, 30 minutes before class. If you sign up less than 30 minutes before class, we will try our absolute best to send you the LIVE link.

  4. If you miss the LIVE class, don’t worry, you will receive another email, within 2 hours, with the link to the recording so you can workout anytime, anywhere! So even if you sign up less than 30 mins. before class, but miss the LIVE link, you will still receive the recording. 


BONUS: if you sign up for our unlimited online monthly pass ($89) you will have access to all our PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE recordings. That’s up to 100 workouts that are ALL DIFFERENT!

Want more info? Email us and stay updated with our social media accounts!

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