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55 minutes - Foundational TRX and Enduro Movements

Here’s your chance to try SWEAT Vancity! This class class is perfect for beginners, and will introduce the studio, top of the line self-powered cardio equipment and of course the mighty TRX Suspension Trainer. Recommended for people of any fitness level, you will leave with a deeper understanding of this incredible tool, your body, and how SWEAT Vancity can help empower you to reach your fitness goals.


55 minutes / 45 minutes  - TRX with Enduro Component

Two quick Enduro sets elevate your heart rate.  Two full body TRX sets build functional strength.  This class is the perfect progression from TRX Fundamentals.

45 minute and 55 minute formats available on the schedule. 


55 minutes / 45 minutes - Equal parts TRX and High Intensity Interval Training

Love cardio? This class is for you!! High Intensity Interval Training is the most efficient way to Increase your anaerobic threshold and burn calories and fat for hours after your workout.  Split your time evenly between our innovative cardio equipment and TRX.

45 minute and 55 minute formats available on the schedule. 


55 minutes / 45 minutes- Advanced TRX with Enduro Component

Train and SWEAT like an athlete in this advanced TRX® class.  Specific and sequenced exercises following a progressive resistance, plyometrics, and tabata philosophy will simultaneously activate multiple muscle groups. Prepare to fire up your entire body by naturally provoking balance and endurance from within. A great class to try after you've mastered one of our TRX Classes!

45 minute and 55 minute formats available on the schedule. 


60 minutes - Mat-based Class

Our exclusive mat-based Connect class showcases the versatility of what TRX can offer. We combine challenging mat work, standing balance exercises and detailed full-body conditioning using your body, the TRX and a variety of pilates tools and resistance bands.  This class is one-of-a-kind and tones from head to toe. This class is perfect for all fitness levels.


55 minutes - Mat-based class and High Intensity Interval Training

Pair the intensity of Enduro with the challenge of Connect.  This is the perfect combination of sweating, toning and strengthening.


55 minutes - Strength stations combined with High Intensity Interval Training

Multiple circuit stations utilizing TRX, your body, pull up bars, hand weights, and our innovative cardio equipment will combine core and full body resistance training with muscular endurance and strength building. This class is great for all fitness levels. Always changing, ever evolving!


55 minutes / 45 minutes - Combine TRX, Enduro and Connect

The ultimate in compound strength training. This hybrid, fast-paced SWEAT class fuses with perfection, the TRX with compound exercises. Compound exercises elevate the heart rate, burn more calories and create longer, leaner and more efficient bodies. This class will incorporate the TRX, our top of the line cardio equipment, bodyweight, and tools utilized in our signature Connect classes! YOU WILL SWEAT!!

45 minute and 55 minute formats available on the schedule. 



SWEATy Butt and Bands - This special class will have you sweating fast!! Class is focused on cardio, booty exercises and bands! We will be using the TRX, resistance bands, and mini bands to get your lower body working on overdrive!


SWEATy Abs and Arms -  This class is focused on cardio, abs and arms!  We will be using the TRX, resistance bands, and whatever else we can find to get some serious sizzle happening! Don't miss this one!