SCUPLT at SWEAT is a form focused workout specially designed to enhance lean muscle mass, full-body conditioning and postural alignment using compound training and repetition of movement. Compound exercises elevate the heart rate, burn more calories and create longer, leaner and more efficient bodies. Your body will feel the burn as you are led through advanced exercise combinations built to tone, shape and carve out muscles you never knew you had.

SCULPT ENDURO is the same great lean muscle workout with high-intensity cardio integrated throughout! The best of both!

TRX and TRX ENDURO (Tuesdays, Weekends and Holidays)

TRX at SWEAT is our loved and raved about traditional suspension training class that truly is “all core all the time”. Combining fundamental TRX exercises with short cardio bursts, we work in all planes of motion, bringing a balanced, full-body workout to every class. With our focus on vector, stability, movement principals and patterns, we challenge your muscular and mental endurance to keep progressing to the next level.

TRX ENDURO (anything with "enduro" in its title really) at SWEAT is a cardio focused, calorie crushing, fast-paced workout. This High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) class style is built to increase your anaerobic threshold to its highest efficiency, resulting in burnt calories during your workout and up to 48hrs after! This class will be an equal split of cardio and TRX strength training. Prepare to get SWEATY!

CIRCUIT CLASSIC (Weekends and Holidays)​

CIRCUIT at SWEAT is the full 360’ experience. This all-levels workout offers the largest variety of unique movement combinations, equipment selection and full-body conditioning. This innovative class style utilizes the TRX, your body, pull-up bars, hand weights, tools and our specialized self-powered cardio equipment. Always changing, ever evolving! Gotta love this large group, high-intensity class! It's become a "thing". There's nothing quite like this class. 


STRENGTH at SWEAT is an advanced, powerful and intentional class program built on progressive resistance training, slow and controlled rep isolation, muscle fatigue, and specific sequenced exercises that will leave you feeling the burn. Strength completely eliminates momentum and focuses on form, naturally building foundational strength and endurance. TRX and hand weights are utilized. Expect to use heavier weights at a lesser rep count in this class with no more than 5-6 mins of cardio. 

STRENGTH ENDURO uses more momentum during exercises with a medium set of weights at a higher rep count, focusing on muscle endurance. Expect a bit more cardio that includes bodyweight cardio, heart-rate kickers and our machines, for a total of 7-10 mins.

TRX FUSION (Fridays and Sundays)

TRX FUSION is your "little bit of everything" class! One of our most popular class styles, expect to get that class TRX you love with the addition of a sculpt tool to superset each other off. This class is all about using the TRX to the best of its potential by exercising muscles groups multiple ways, using multiple tools! Throw in some cardio and expect to get a whole lot of SWEAT and a whole lot of burn!  

TRX FUNDAMENTALS (Sundays, every 2 months)

Here’s your chance to try SWEAT Vancity! This class class is perfect for beginners, and will introduce the studio, top of the line self-powered cardio equipment and of course the mighty TRX Suspension Trainer. Recommended for people of any fitness level, you will leave with a deeper understanding of this incredible tool, your body, and how SWEAT Vancity can help empower you to reach your fitness goals.