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TRX is for everyone. Praised by health professionals and trainers around the world, TRX has become one of the most recognized pieces of equipment in the fitness industry. With limitless variations, TRX training is accessible to all fitness levels. By countering body weight against gravity, even the smallest shift can adjust the intensity, making TRX your workout, for your body. 

Let’s talk facts. Your core - it’s at the heart of every TRX workout. No matter what muscle group we’re targeting, TRX suspension demands we actively engage our core for balance and stability. All...the...time. The result is a rock solid core and an evenly toned, strong body. 

Our TRX classes are peppered with cardio to keep your heart rate elevated for maximum calorie burn. We are proud to be one of the only studios in Canada to feature the TrueForm Runner- this innovative, self-powered treadmill is designed to promote perfect running technique. Combine this with our Schwinn Airdynes (cue the quad-burn) and Concept 2 Rowers for the ultimate HIIT challenge. TRX Training is designed to enhance your body’s performance every day, at work, and at play. TRX will support you in accomplishing the big stuff (trail running, skiing, postpartum recovery)… and the not so big stuff (aka the daily grind.) 


Our Connect class is the perfect complement to our high intensity TRX classes. This mat-based class focuses on postural alignment, muscle isolation and full body strengthening. Stability training is vital to overall health, and with every movement, our powerful SWEAT Connect class will bring you closer to your strongest self. 

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