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We are so excited to be offering the next round of our next SWEAT Suspension Training Course this Fall to our community; We take our training very seriously, and can't wait to see the inevitable transformation occur as you step into this exciting new endeavour and feel the growth and change. 

Our mission is to empower and inspire, both mentally and physically every person who steps through our doors, and that includes everyone entering this program.

Our master trainers will be taking on another small group this September to complete our extensive new condensed 4  week training program!


Who this program perfect for:

  • those looking to teach full or part-time in the group fitness industry.

  • those invested in mastering their skills with the suspension trainer and bodyweight movements.

  • those who are already teaching or involved in personal training who are looking to add a suspension training component to their repertoire.

  • those who don't necessarily have interest in teaching, but want to hang out with a kick-ass group of people and learn more about their bodies and this system.

Email us for more info

What is included:

  •  22+ hours of in depth training (4 x 4 hour and 3 x 2hr training sessions in studio). This will be a mix of theory, practical hands on experience and skill testing. 

  • Extensive training on all suspension exercises, covering core, upper body and lower body (this includes timing, sequencing, progressions and regressions).

  • Cardio machine and bodyweight cardio exercises (this includes timing, sequencing, progressions and regressions).

  • 1-2 x 75min sessions a week of open studio time to practice your skills.  We will provide feedback and help with any questions to ensure proper execution.

  • 1 private, 1-hour session with a master trainer to go over any questions, areas of concern, exercise executions, or any help you might need to excel at your training.

  • Teach back modules in class and detailed verbal feedback.

  • One community class/Trainer Development class at SWEAT Vancity. This will be on the schedule, will be a free class, and will be a fantastic opportunity for you to shine and showcase all the skills you have learned. This will include detailed written feedback from Cecilia or Christine. 

  • Extensive Program Planning. Ensuring you understand how to efficiently sequence exercises together so you are set up for success and your classes/ practice runs smoothly.

  • Music planning 

  • Module on managing your energy, motivating others and creating an environment for yourself and others to thrive.

  • In depth cuing throughout. Teaching you about swing thoughts, strong cues and words that will help a group of any size get into position with as little effort as possible and stay safe throughout the workout.

  • WE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST:  Feeling incredible by doing something possibly outside of your comfort zone and leaving our time together feeling empowered, confident, and thriving in your own practice or as a group fitness professional.


FYI: There is no prerequisite to join and we have taken on people with no previous group fitness experience.  All we ask, is that you have an open-mind, positive attitude and an openness to learn and try something new.  This course is bodyweight and suspension training specific, so you must have interest in this niche area. 


Early Bird Rate $1499.00 + tax (sign up before September 14th) 
Regular Rate $1599 + tax  (after September 14th)

You can pay the full amount up front, or we have a payment plan in place that can be taken advantage of: ​


Deposit $250 (paid upon registration) 

Payment 1: $662.50 + tax  due September  14th 

Payment 2: $662.50 + tax  due October 9th 

**Deposit due at the time of registration to secure your spot. For payments, we accept: Credit card, cash, debit or email money transfer accepted. 
No refunds will be issued.

To register: 
Please fill out the registration form to hold your spot and so we can get to know more about you! This will be a small group training so spot are
Ready to pay your deposit? 

Pay Here 

If you have any further questions about the program contact us at or  give us a call at the studio (604) 770-0442  



Tara B. 

"While I've always been a very active person, my professional background has always been in sales. I didn't have any prior group training experience and I was a bit nervous to start the process because I'm not overly comfortable being in front of large groups of people. I had many doubts/concerns such as...would I remember the routine? How do I pick a kick ass music list? How do I keep the workouts fresh? Am I able to help others challenge themselves and leave feeling mentally and physically strong and capable? I actually froze up during our first trainings and could barely speak the words even though I knew the moves! :D


I stuck with it though and I'm SO glad that I did! I can't say enough great things about Christine and her team. The SWEAT training program is beautifully broken down to help you develop the skills, step by step, to be ready for group trainings. From their team taking the time to break down each of the moves to giving us many opportunities to teach community workouts, they provide a lot of support along the way. It was also a great way to get to know other like minded people and trainers-to-be! 


The beginning trainings did a great job of breaking down each of the moves, talking about proper alignment and explaining which muscle groups each move will work. This was super helpful once we got to the community workouts, which were the thing that I think really helped me the most. Having the opportunity to teach "practice" classes to real clients who know you're still developing your skills and finding your groove, was an awesome way to ease into becoming more comfortable leading a strong class. Going through the training has also helped me get a lot more out of my own TRX workouts!


Christine's passion for growing a healthy and connected community is contagious and whether you go on to teach group classes, or you're just looking to get more from your workouts, you won't regret doing this training! 


The SWEAT TRX training program is amazing!"


Brooklyn L.

"With what started as just a thought a year ago has developed into one of my greatest accomplishments.  Teaching group TRX classes at SWEAT was a leap of faith for me when I expressed a small inclination to step outside my role as a previous dental hygienist and my current status as a stay at home mother. Myself, alongside a few other enrolled in the first ever SWEAT 6 week training program. The program was a great experience for me as it helped me to develop the confidence that I lacked and helped streamline my knowledge behind the TRX.  We started working on learning foundational moments with the TRX and progressed from there. Over the 6 weeks, I was able to move from knowing very little to being able to teach a packed TRX class with confidence. I can’t thank Christine & Cecilia enough for seeing something in me that I didn’t see at the time."

Alex M.

"Christine’s sense of humour, positive attitude and non-intimidating approach to group fitness is inspiring. Wishing Christine and the SWEAT Vancity family all the best with their new training program."

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