130 - 400 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7J 2C2, Canada



The time has come to reclaim your life, wisdom, body, mind, soul and fire for life. Join SWEAT Vancity Owner and lululemon ambassador, Christine Banno, for another unforgettable weekend where we laugh, connect, and join energy to transform and leave with a renewed remembering and sense of self and empowerment.

Wake up each morning to fresh coffee by the ocean. Nourish your body with delicious meals prepared by an in-house private chef. Each day will feature dynamic all-level workouts, connection time with yourself and others, and real conversations around goal setting, visioning, and self-reflection. This weekend is really about tuning into yourself so you can restore and show up as your highest self in every way.

Be your strongest self. 

Lean into all sides of you. 

Live your largest life possible.



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      "I signed up for Christine's SWEAT retreat without knowing any details, only having a strong sense that I knew I needed to be there. I am so glad I followed my intuition because the weekend was everything I needed to pause, reflect, and get ready to jump ahead into the next phase on my journey. Christine's unique ability to create and hold space for others, communicate powerful messages, and balance all of the intensity with laughter and lightness is a special gift, and one I am grateful to have experienced. The retreat opened my heart, fuelled my soul, and reignited my curiosity and desire for growth. Spending time with Christine is the best gift you can give yourself!" -Kate P.

  "Deciding to attend the Sweat retreat on my own, not knowing anyone else was out of my comfort zone. But I am so glad I did. The entire weekend was incredible from start to finish. The people, the workouts, the meals, the connection time, the house. So much thought went into making it perfect. I came out of the weekend, focused and rested and ready to become a better version of myself. Christine and Jenn are amazing and I am so grateful to them for providing this weekend to focus on myself!" -Anonymous 

      "I've been to several retreats, but yours is definitely the best experience I've had. A beautiful blend of fitness, fun and personal work made for an exceptional weekend that I won't soon forget." - Andria I.

"The sweat retreat made me embark on a journey of self discovery and self care. I am now more physically and spiritually connected to myself and my needs." -Anonymous

       "The SWEAT Retreat made me embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-care. I am now more physically and spiritually connected to myself and my needs!" -Anonymous


    "First, I think you and Jenny did a fantastic job organizing the retreat!  It was thoughtfully planned, and the vibe was awesome. The food was great, and I loved how care-free it was not having to think about when or what we were going to eat - also really enjoyed everyone's company. The personal touches were really sweet, and it was so obvious you put a lot of heart into that weekend...


It was an incredibly welcoming group of women, and it was so nice to actually connect in a real way with other people.  I'm really not interested in superficial conversations, small talk, or bullshit platitudes. I loved how people just went all-in and got very real right away." -Anonymous